Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here's me taking a nap. Mom says I'm about the sorriest-looking loveable thing she's ever seen. Is that a compliment?  Posted by Picasa

Here's mom's friend, Dorothy, with Heidi and Ruger. No room for another dog?  Posted by Picasa

Here's a closeup of the end of my right ear. At least it's not all swollen and hot like it was last week. I hope they feel better pretty soon.  Posted by Picasa

Here I am - my ears aren't swollen anymore, but they still hurt a little. I don't want to put my sweater back on, that's for sure.  Posted by Picasa

Here's dad with the snow he took off of Buttercupt before mom blew the hot air machine on her.  Posted by Picasa

Here's Buttercup getting mad because Mom wouldn't let her in until she took a picture. Haha! Mom always lets me in right away... Posted by Picasa

This is Buttercup after being in the snow. She could hardly walk, it was so funny! Posted by Picasa

We had snow and company!

We had lots of snow this week. I don't like the snow. Mom made me wear a sweater or my T-shirt all the time - that makes me so MAD! I tried to get them off, but mom always caught me. She was right about one thing, it was warmer outside, but I don't like to wear them! The snow was pretty deep so dad shoveled a place for me on the deck to go potty. The other dogs liked to go way out in the snow. Mom said Buttercup looked like the abominable snowdog (whatever that is) - but it must be funny because she laughed about it. Buttercup did NOT like the little machine that blows hot air! Mom had to use it to melt the snow on her legs, but Buttercup was really mad, she kept trying to bite the hot hair. Mom didn't think that was funny but I did! Woof! Then after mom would get her all dried off she would go outside and they would have to do the same thing all over. Silly dog, what was she thinking? I've spent a lot of time downstairs by the woodstove, it's nice and warm down there. I don't even like to come upstairs at night to go to bed. Dad says we're out of firewood, so we're going to have to let the fire go out. Darn! I think he better just go cut more. Doesn't firewood come from trees? We have trees in our yard....

I've been so busy this week sitting on laps and being spoiled. Mom's friend was here from Ohio and she really loved me too! I learned something new this week too, I've decided that if the other dogs can all howl together I probably should to, so I do now! Mom calls it caterwauling, whatever that means, but I have a good time doing it!

The scabs are back on my ears, but they're not hot or fat right now, so I'm pretty happy about that. Ruger had to go to the vet on Friday and have his "glands" cleaned out. I'm not sure what all that entails (pardon the pun), but I'm sure glad it was him and not me. I don't know why he had to go, but I know mom was pretty mad at him last week for dragging his bottom on the carpet. I would never do that - at least not of someone else was in the room to see me! He had to get his rabies shot too. He was really mad at mom when he came home and hid under the sofa all day! He didn't come out until dinner, and he only came out then because dad was going to feed him. I don't think he's mad anymore because he was laying on the sofa with her today when I wanted to get on the sofa! Maybe I liked it better when he was hiding UNDER the sofa instead of laying down with mom.

I was a little sad this week that we had to spend so much time in our room. Mom and her friend were gone all the time, but when they came home they gave us treats so we didn't feel too bad about the whole thing. Hmmm, now that I think about it maybe it was okay they were gone all the time. I got a LOT of potato this week. Yum.

Well, I hear mom coming so I better go for now! I love you all!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good News

My ears are feeling better today! They aren't so hot and swollen. Mom says she's "cautiously optimistic" whatever that means, but they sure feel better to me.

It's gotten really windy outside today. I'm almost afraid to go outside. Mom says she'll have to tie a string around me and then I'll end up as a furry kite. I don't think that's funny, mom. It's really cold too, well, not as cold as it was a few months ago, but cold enough that I'd rather go to the bathroom in the house. Mom and dad are catching on to me now though, they pick me up and take me out when I first get up so I don't have a chance to make it to the living room. Darn it.

I think Heidi needs to get her own bed. I'm so mad at her. Last night mom and dad went out for awhile and when they put all the other kids in my room Heidi got in my bed and wouldn't get out - even when I growled at her. She's a bed hog for sure. I taught her a lesson though, I got on HER bed and wouldn't get off, even when mom and dad came home. I'll teach her.

Mom has been looking all over the house for that new kong toy she bought us the other day. I hid it from her. The only problem is, I can't find it either. I hope somebody finds it Kate told mom about some other good things to put in it and she wants to try some, but it's lost. I bet one of the other guys found it and are hiding it from me and mom. I guess she'll just have to buy another one.

Well, it's lunch time so I better go eat. I weighed 11 pounds at the doctor's office yesterday. I sure do like to eat!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Visit to Dr. Jesske

Well, I went to the doctor today and saw Dr. Jesske. I put a picture of him here too, 'cause I really love him. He's so nice to me. I did get a shot (ouch), but I'm okay now. I had to have one of my toenails taken off too, that hurt, but only for a minute. Mom and Dr. J are worried about my ears, so I got a shot for them again and some new medicine to take at home. I hope this medicine helps, my ears are really sore all the time.

Yesterday was a great day for me. Not for mom though. She had the flu, so I got to lay in bed with her all afternoon. Dad came home for lunch and after I had my lunch he put me in bed with mom. I hardly ever get to do that 'cause once I peed on her bed. She was pretty mad. She got over being mad, but she hasn't let me back on the bed since then! So yesterday was my lucky day!

This is me with my favorite vet, Dr. Jay Jesske!He takes such good care of me. I love him and all the great people at American Animal Hospital! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Checking in

I've been so tired lately I just haven't felt like getting on the computer. I've been sleeping and sleeping. I must have mom worried, I heard her on the phone tonight making an appointment with Dr. Jesske. I'm just so tired I don't even really want to do anything, even my toys are pretty boring. My ears are hurting pretty bad right now too. Dad came home for lunch today and since it was so cold he thought he'd put my t-shirt on me while I was in the house. It hurt pretty bad and I screamed pretty loud to have that put over my head. I wish they wouldn't do that, but aftewards dad cuddles me for a long time in a fuzzy blanket so I get nice and warm, so I forgive him. I'll let you guys know tomorrow what Dr. J says. I think mom is worried about me, she was crying last night. I tried to let her know I really don't feel that bad. I don't think she believes me though.

Here's me again wishing they'd just be quiet! What's a guy got to do to get some rest around here? Holy buckets! Posted by Picasa

Here's Heidi "singing." Can you believe those two? Posted by Picasa

This is Ruger "singing." Making noise is ore like it.  Posted by Picasa

Here I am taking a nap with Buttercupt. Don't let the Thanksgiving sweater fool you, this was only a couple weeks ago.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

Show me the love!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I don't like the rain!

It was rainy and cold yesterday. I didn't want to go out much, but mom and dad insisted that I go. **sigh** All I wanted to do was lay in front of the window in the sun, is that too much to ask? Mom went to the vet's office last night and got me some more of my yummy food in the can. The other dogs are so jealous because all they get is that hard stuff. I'm so special!

Mom also bought a toy she calls a Kong. She put some peanut butter in it and when she tossed it Heidi got it and ran to eat it all. I wasn't about to let that happen, so I went over and just took it away from her! Then I went behind the sofa because the other kids know they better not follow me back there. That's MY place. Heidi must have tattled to mom because she came looking for the Kong, but I fooled her, I took it and hid it in my bed under my blanket! She found it, but not until I ate all the peanut butter. She was pretty mad at me for eating it because my ears have been really sore and she thinks now they'll get worse. Why would eating peanut butter make my ears worse? Silly mom.

I heard mom telling dad that if my ears weren't better by the weekend she's going to call Dr. Jesske so I can get a shot of steroids. I don't like shots, but I love Dr. J, so if he says I have to have one I guess I will. Especially if my ears will feel better. They itch so much now and I have scabs on the inside. They do hurt, but I don't want mom even LOOKING at them. Ouch.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This is a really huge post - Boy, are my paws tired! This is a copy of Grandma Judy's log on about me. I wanted to put it in my blog, so if she runs out of room again at Petfinder we'll still have the whole thing! (I love you Grandma Judy) So, enjoy reading about my life since leaving the puppy mill and I'll check in again in a day or so.


08-22-05 Charlie Brown is a 7 yr. old retired mill dog. He is wild boar in color, long haired, registered, H/W negative, neutered, fully vaccinated including rabies, microchipped. Charlie Brown comes to us from a shelter as he is in the final stages of kidney failure. The shelter manager was tearful as she handed him over to us. She did not want him to die in a shelter environment and she knows we will provide Hospice care for the lil man. We did consult Doc Anstaett this AM. There is nothing he can do for him. He advised us to just feed him, water him, love him & keep him comfortable until his body starts shutting down. We are able to do that! While our Hospice foster home is already full, we have made a special place for CB here in the rescue. What has surprised us already is his happy wagging tail. He evidently does not know he is dying! If you have a very special place in your home and your heart to provide Hospice care, we need more Hospice foster parents. It won't be easy, yet we will be there to help you every step of the way, day or night. The greatest gift you can provide to a dying dog is your presence and love as they cross to the Rainbow Bridge. No dog deserves to die alone in a shelter. We are grateful that the shelter entrusted him to our care. Note: Charlie Brown has only been here a few hours. Already he has been playing with the small dogs in the play area. No pity party for him! He is going to enjoy life to the fullest for whatever time he has. He had breakfast at the shelter, yet ate ravenously his lunch here at the rescue. His appetite is good, his energy level high at this time.

Note 08-24-05--Charlie Brown is just amazing. While we expected him to be rather quiet, at this time he shows no signs of slowing down. He is running, leading the pack in the house, always exploring for a kibble of food that has been dropped. He has several areas on his body that appear to have suffered from frostbite at some time in the past, his toes, his tail, the ears. If you are looking for rugged good looks, a Charles Bronson type, then CB has them!

Note 08-26-05 Charlie Brown has been put on a special lamb & rice diet, special shampoo, & is receiving Rx to keep him comfortable. He eats like a little horse, chases the cat, seemingly oblivious to the death sentence he is living under. What courage! Lil Otto would be proud of CB!

Note 08-29-05 Charlie Brown rode "shotgun" as we picked up 4 dogs this morning. We also stopped by Dieckman Auction Center & CB spent several minutes being held by one of the vendors. He gave kisses and was quiet in Terry's arms and on his lap. CB also got to meet some of the visitors to show them first hand the lack of care some folks give their pets. He will be another ambassador for shelter and rescue adoptions.

Note: 08-30-05 -- Thanks to those of you that called or e-mailed to offer suggestions. We did take Charlie Brown back to Doc Anstaett to have him check for Giardia as several of you asked about. He ran several tests including for Giardia and all were negative. He did send him home with an enzyme tablet to give him at each meal to help with digestion. The other Rx has been helping, yet CB still is failing to thrive. He is a bundle of energy so we are NOT giving up on this lil guy! He weighed in at 7.4 lbs. We shall post future updates as they become available.

Note: 09-01-05 We took Charlie Brown to weigh in at Doc's today. The enzyme Rx is working. His weight is holding at 7.4 lbs. Doc spoke with us at length about CB. Hey may gain some weight now that the diarrhea has been brought under control. He has chronic kidney failure, not acute. There is no way to tell how long CB could live. Heck, he is another that could outlive us all! Further testing will not change the outcome. Thus, we are trusting Doc completely and will not subject CB to any further procedures. He is eating, drinking, playing, going for rides and has quality of life at this time.

Note 09-03-05 Charlie Brown went to the Dieckman Garage Sale Fund raiser today. He ran around exploring the many items for sale, put his little nose in the boxes, ate some of Terry's cookie then later fell asleep in his arms. Later in the afternoon he went with JoAnne to Cobweb Corners in downtown Cole Camp. He sniffed around, came out with some cobwebs on his tiny nose. Yes, Cobweb Corner has cobwebs.

Update 09-04-05 Today Charlie Brown headed to Nebraska with Steve & Mindi, our newest Hospice foster parents. They are quite familiar with dying dogs, having had 2 of their dachshunds sent to the Bridge while at home in familiar surroundings. They will be able to give CB the TLC he needs for whatever time he has left. TLC can make a huge difference.

Update 09-05-05 from Mindi -- Judy - Charlie had a good first night. He slept in his kennel all night & got up with Steve at 8:30 to go outside. He took care of his business, then came in for breakfast. He's loving the treats after coming inside! He's already bonded to Steve. If Steve leaves the room he just sits at the baby gate & waits for him to come back. I'm supposed to be working right now, so all the dogs are in here, but Charlie can hear Steve out in the other room, so he's right by the gate, just waiting for him to come back. He's so darling. I went outside this morning after breakfast & he was just sitting on Steve's lap surveying the backyard. He had a lot of fun with a cricket at a McDonald's in Mound City last night. We were waiting for Steve to bring the food out & he caught site of a cricket in the grass. He'd pounce, the cricket would jump, he'd jump back, the cricket would jump at him. He was having quite a time until the cricket landed in a cocklebur plant. Had to pull one of Charlie's foot, he quickly lost interest after that! He's getting along fine with the other kids. Heidi's method of coping with this little interloper (in her eyes, anyway) is to just ignore him. He tried to get friendly with her last night, but she just runs from him. To Ruger, he's quite the curiosity. Ruger follows him around EVERYWHERE! This morning Charlie was a bit concerned because Ruger stuck his nose in the kennel & Charlie's yellow bone was in there, but Ruger didn't take it, so Charlie grabbed it & curled up in the corner of the crate. Buttercup is friendly, already accepted him as another child in the family, so everything is working out great! Our backyard is about 1/2 an acre, not huge, but it sure keeps him busy checking everything out! We are so blessed to have Charlie in our home. He was quite the ambassador yesterday. One of the workers at a rest stop was quite taken with him - and vice versa. We told him how he we got him & what was going on with his health because he had been a mill dog, etc. The guy just said, "He's so special, just take him home & love him, love him, & love him some more" which is, of course, exactly what we plan to do! Thanks so much for all your hard work & making it possible for us to have Charlie with us! Mindi and Steve Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, & Charlie Brown

Update 09-05-05 from Charlie Brown himself--- Grandma - Mom & Dad took me to Petco today to buy me a new toy! I had so much fun! I got to see some real like squeaky things - mom says they're ferrets, I can't have one, but then we went to another part of the store & she got me a squeaky toy that I really like. It's a bear & it squeaks a lot! Maybe that's why mom had to lay down when we got him, I don't know... Anyway, I got a new leash just for me & it has smiley faces all over it! A little too cutesy for a macho guy like me, but mom thought it was "darling" whatever that means, so I got that one. I really liked the leather collar with spikes that dad showed her, but she just laughed & I didn't get one. I won't be too mad at her though because she did get me the squeaky that I liked best. We got some stuff mom calls bag balm for my skin, it feels okay I guess we have to wait & see if it helps. I have a big back yard to play in & a brother and 2 sisters! They aren't very friendly yet, but at least they don't want to fight. Mom thinks we'll be great friends before long & I have to agree - how can any dog resist my charm! My other grandma & grandpas & human cousins are coming over tonight. Mom says if they get too noisy I can hide out in my kennel. Maybe I'll do that. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you, but I love you for all the love you gave me! Thanks a bunch! Tell Hans & the rest of the other gang that I said hi, I miss them a little, but I'm having a lot of fun too. Love, Charlie B (That's what mom calls me)

Update 09-08-05 from Mindi--- Judy, I had to take Heidi to the vet today so I took CB along. Everyone immediately fell in love with him. He just has that type of personality. (Even if he did pee in the exam room twice & poop once!) Guess what???? No, guess! He weighs 8.5 lbs! I was so excited! Benny Archuleta (remember, the rescue guy from Florida) was telling me that he had a rescue dog with failure to thrive & so I got some tips from him. We grind up the dry food & give him 1/4 cup of that mixed with warm water & about 1/4 cup of canned food, mix that all together with the panreazyme & let it sit for about 20 minutes before feeding. The pancreazyme starts to predigest the food & it sticks with him a little longer. He's had regular stools since Tuesday. Of course he still needs more fattening up, but his ribs aren't as prominent as they were. Good news! We took his collar & harness off except for when he goes outside. He had sores on his neck that the chain was irritating & one under his front leg that was being rubbed by the harness. He never goes outside alone anyway, so until the sores heal we're only putting them on if we take him out. The vet cut his enalapril to 2.5 mg a day also, we're to watch for signs of congestive heart failure. Dr. Jeske said his heart didn't sound too bad at all today. That was good news too. We've been putting bag balm on his skin & Neosporin on the scabby parts & he's looking not to bad, even if I do say so myself! He's curled up in a blanket by my feet right now. He got a new squeaky toy today at Petco because he had already destroyed the squeaker on the bear we got him on Monday! LIttle con artist... I'm sure he'll get whatever he wants! I thought the other night that the other dogs toys were missing, sure enough, they were in CB's kennel. He was none too happy that I took them out either. But he still has his yellow bone, the bear that doesn't squeak, & his new squeaky hot dog. I tried to explain to him what sharing means, but I think it was lost on him! lol! So, he's doing fine! Anway, we're loving Charlie to pieces! He's just the sweetest little boy. I'm so glad he's here!

Update 09-09-05 from Mindi ---Judy- Thanks for the e-mail this morning. It made my day to know CB is so loved. Let Kerri know that we sat outside this morning for about 20 minutes and I let him know how much he was missed and that Kerri loved him. I think he knows her name, he just snuggled up next to me for more love! I'll continue to keep you posted of course. The vet was thinking yesterday that the black skin wasn't frostbite, he's thinking some kind of hormonal thing. Of course I'm not going to take him to an endocrinologist because it would cost buckets of money, but that was his opinion anyway - just another in a long line! The reason his eyes water so much is because whatever problem he had with the skin around his eyes apparently affected his tearducts also, they're probably pretty much non-existent, but teary eyes are much, much better than dry eyes, so that's a little bit of good news. The black skin also could be signs of Cushing's or thyroid problems, he did take blood and we'll see how that goes. I won't have the Cushing's test, it's $125, but the preliminary tests would give us a good idea if that's the problem. I'll be talking to the vet more this afternoon and let you know. He told me so much yesterday that I just couldn't remember everything. Anyway, the overall news was good, so I was very pleased. He's gone from going to his kennel (with the door open) while I work, to laying on a blanket at my feet. I'd say he's getting comfortable! I'll let you know what the vet says about the blood work later. Take care!

Note 09-09-05 Mindi just called late this evening with some great news. Thus far, the blood tests are coming back with none of the problems suspected with Charlie B. However, more tests are due back in the next day or by Mon. At that time Mindi will give us a detailed report. The enzyme in the food, with a 20 min. wait prior to Charlie B eating has been helping him gain weight. She says he feels heavier in her lap. She is giving him baths with the medicated shampoo & using bag balm on his body & medicated ointment on his neck & armpits. The vet staff adores him & his wagging tail. I know we have a lot of wonderful folks praying for Charlie B. We thank you for those prayers. Please keep them coming. We were happy to get this update from Mindi. She was apprehensive to tell us about the test results thus far as she did not want to offend us or our vets that we missed something. I have assured her that our vets welcome 2nd & even 3rd opinions & we can all learn from this. We are truly grateful for all she & Steve are doing. We have asked her to convey our thanks to her vet.

Note 09-09-05 from Mindi after our call-----Charlie B the wonder dog! LOL! I'm not going to let him know that! He already thinks he's the best, no sense giving him a swelled head! God bless people like this woman (?) who are so willing to help Charlie B get back on his feet! I'm sure the vet will appreciate it. He's our little miracle & I'm so blessed to have him with us. I have to tell you that everyone I've told about his good news at the vet (no sign of kidney failure) has said it's a miracle -even my dad who's not overly fond of dogs & calls my other three a pain in the rear was just thrilled and said it must be a miracle. Charlie has even gotten to him! Now THAT'S a miracle! My son calls him Chuck - just like Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts cartoon called Charlie Brown. He answers to both names. When we first brought Charlie home I think he was a little intimidated by my son, Matt. Matt is 6'5" and you know how little Charlie B is - today Matt came into my office, he was horsing around & lunging at me like he was going to tickle me - Charlie didn't like that one bit! He started barking & barking - it was so funny! Matt had to get down on the floor with him & pet him to let him know he wasn't really going to get me. He's the office boss I think! He has the funniest bark too, not loud & shrill like my other doxies, but low & kind of hoarse, he's a doll! He also moans & groans in his sleep he almost sounds human. He'll circle around then curl up & lay down & let out a long groan like he never felt anything so good! I think my biggest fear in regard to telling you how good his blood work was, was that you would tell us to bring him back (since he may not need Hospice care)! I don't know if I could do that! lol! He's only been here 5 days and he has totally taken over my heart. Even though we have to still watch him like a hawk when he's in the house to make sure he doesn't leave any "presents" I'd be lost without him. I'm so glad you're going to let him stay with us (since he has the heart problem). Hopefully he'll be around for a long, long time. Charlie enjoyed the piece of roast I snuck home from Arby's - the others are mad because they know something really good was in my hand when I went into "Charlie's Room" (formerly my office) and I came out with nothing. They got a Snausage, but I know there was something going on! I'll let you know more when I hear about the thyroid. (BTW, the vet called today about Heidi's thyroid test and it was fine - guess we're going to be seeing the dermatologist. A couple prayers for Heidi would be good, heaven only knows how much THAT'S going to cost). Whatever it is it'll be worth it and we'll do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. We have to do something because her nose is all dry, cracked, and peeling, now the nostril is getting smaller and smaller and pretty soon she won't be able to breathe through her nose - which of course will make eating difficult. If it's not one thing it's 10 others! Almost like when my real kids were little! Mindi and Steve Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, and Charlie B (Chuck) LOL!!!

Note 09-10-05 We have received the neatest idea from Tami, one of the readers of these updates - She wants to be one of Charlie's Angels! (Remember the tv series of a few years back?) If you would like to send a care package (treats, sweater, toys) to Charlie B in care of the vet's ofc., they will make sure it gets to Mindi when she next brings Charlie B in to the ofc. You may even add a small note on the return address that it is from one of Charlie's Angels. That will bring a smile to the office staff and Doc that work so hard to care for this little man-dog. He has touched their lives with his cheerfulness! Also, please continue to offer prayers for Charlie B and for Heidi. We do believe in the Power of Prayer. Also, a prayer of thanks for Mindi and Steve for opening their hearts and their home to care for this special needs case. We need more Hospice foster homes like Mindi & Steve, Buck & Mary, Marti, even Becky & Kris, for dogs just such as these. Dogs that are in kill shelters to die. Dogs that owners need to surrender as they cannot take care of them any longer. We can only do this work if we have more foster homes to help us. We are sooo full here. We will be there to help you every step of the way with dying dogs if you can just give them one-on-one TLC. It is NOT easy, yet someone has to do it. Can you help us help them? Please pray about it, then contact us. Thanks.

Update 09-10-05 from Mindi--Judy,. What wonderful, wonderful people are out there. Charlie is so blessed to have such wonderful people praying for him and thinking of him. He went to some garage sales for us today (doing his ambassador work) and he loved every minute of attention he got. What a special spirit lives in that little body. Thank everyone who is thinking of Charlie and sending prayers our way - we couldn't possibly have better people to be Charlie's Angels. Mindi and Steve Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, and Charlie B (Chuck - that still cracks me up. He's so NOT a Chuck!) PS--What a wonderful idea! Cushing's doesn't seem to be a diagnosis since his alk phos is normal. I'll check with the vet on Monday about the pancreatitis. Oscar had acute pancreatitis once and it was awful, vomiting, unrelenting diarrhea, the whole works. He was one sick puppy. However, chronic pancreatitis is something I could ask him about. Thanks for the thought. Mindi

Note 09-11-05 Tami, who read of the plight of Charlie B and has started Charlie's Angels to pray for this dog, has sent us along this note that we have shared with Mindi and asked her to consult the vet. We all need to learn from this if it will help Charlie B and others like him ---- I am so happy that his preliminary testing is getting good results.I hope that he does not need the Cushings testing,but there is a very specific test to rule it absolutely.As I told you,I lost one to it,and it was a horrible thing to watch.Also the black nose thing....My Sara had this too.My vet thought that it was skin thickening from constant urine burn at the mill,and that it would thin and hair would grow in its place with good nutrition and suppliments.She was right, it did.Her nose looks perfectly normal now.I also read that Charlie moans and makes noises in his sleep.My Sara also did that for a while.We called it having"millmares",and that too,passed in time.That is the thing that I want most of all for Charlie....lots of time.

Update 09-12-05 from Mindi---I got a call from the vet today. He doesn't think the Cushing's test is necessary since all of his blood work, including the thyroid, have returned as normal. He thinks that the possibility that his poor little body was just so traumatized by his living conditions at the mill that that was the biggest problem. He also told me that he heard no murmur on his heart exam, but is keeping him on the Enalapril "just in case". Sometimes apparently murmurs are hard to detect. He's going to reevaluate his heart in a month. In the meantime, I'm certain Charlie has gained more weight - my mother-in-law was surprised when she saw him yesterday because he looked so much better. I'm sure he's gained even a little more weight. The stools are still softer than the other guys, but much, much better than they were. You're right about the urine burn Tami. Dr. Jesske doesn't hold out much hope for hair growing in those areas, but I'm not discounting anything - not after the wonderful week he's had. Dr. Jesske was also thrilled with the idea of "Charlie's Angels" . I asked him if it was okay and he told me it was more than okay, he wants to do everything in his power to make sure that Charlie is healthy and happy! That's it for now I think. More later. Mindi and Steve Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup and Charlie B aka Chuck

7 Bells Note 09-14-05 --- When Mindi first advised us of the good news by phone, she was concerned that she would offend us or our vets. I assured that we nor our great vets take offense. Doc Anstaett is quite interested in the findings too. He may not realize how bad the "mills" truly are. We are also interested as we may get more dogs such as these in and be better prepared to deal with the issues they face. TEAMwork! Together Everyone Achieves Much. We need to work together to save more just like Charlie B.

Note from Mindi 09-20-05 -- Judy - I think we might try and take CB back to the vet later this week because I can't get those sores under his jaw to heal. I've been using Neosporin & that cleared up the one on his arm, but he is constantly scratching the one under his jaw & on his neck & I'm sure that's why they won't heal. Otherwise, he's doing great! He loves to sleep under the bed during the daytime when I'm lying down & so far (keeping fingers crossed) he hasn't made any messes if we let him do this. He is loving the bed Tami sent him - so is Heidi! It reminds me of when Heidi was a puppy. We had a bed like that for her, but my old longhair, Oscar, would get in it every chance he got with his head hanging out of one side & his butt hanging off the other! Heidi isn't as big as Oscar, but she sure wants to be in that bed! CB is having none of that, however, that bed is HIS! I think he's really starting to trust us & bond with us now, he even gives kisses on occasion. Not often, but that's okay, you treasure them all the more when he does! This morning he actually let me hold him like a baby, on his back with his belly up so I could rub his tummy & chest - you know dogs don't like to expose their bellies unless they feel safe, so I was happy about that. Anyway, I guess that's all the news for today! God bless you! I'll talk to you later. Mindi, Steve and the Fearsome Foursome

Note 09-20-05 late in PM -- Mindi called very excited. Charlie B now weighs 10 lbs.! The vet has him on an antibiotic for his neck.

Note 09-21-05 from Mindi-- Judy, just wanted to let you know Charlie had a bit of a setback last night. I think he's allergic to the antibiotic they gave him. He has really, really bad diarrhea again this morning & is scratching his head like crazy. When Steve comes home for lunch we're taking him back to the vet. Anyway, we'll let you know more as soon as we hear.

Update 09-21-05 from Mindi after vet visit-- Steve took him over lunch today. Oh my, what a week! The vet gave him an injection for mites & changed his antibiotic. We'll see how this goes. I feel so sorry for the poor little guy. So far, so good. He also got some ointment for his eye since he had scratched the area around his right eye raw. I haven't put it on him yet, Steve did at noon, I'm thinking he's not going to like that much! Anyway, it appears CB is fine. God was good to us again today. Additional note same evening---- Dr. Jesske wasn't sure about the mites, but poor Charlie is just scratching his neck to a bloody pulp. I made a bandage out of gauze & put it on his neck so it won't be so easy to get to. He thought he'd try the mite injection & see if that works. He didn't see any when I took him in the first time, but he said he was running out of ideas about why Charlie would be itching so bad on his neck & ears especially. I feel so sorry for the little guy. We've started bathing him in oatmeal shampoo for a bit to see if that helps ease the itch too, the Keratolux might just have been too harsh for him. We'll see. You know, the longer I live with CB & see how much care & love he needs I just want to throttle the living daylights out of mill owners. They should all be arrested & shown no mercy. I can't believe how they can treat the poor animals to make a profit. It just makes my blood boil. I wish there were some way to close those (bleeps) down forever. I'm just in a rage about this tonight. I told Steve I've never been a PROponent of mills, but I guess I just never realized how bad it really was.

7 Bells Note - We hope that those reading this will learn what some dogs endure at puppymills. Some breeders take very good care of their dogs & have very healthy dogs. Others, well, Charlie Brown's condition says more than we can tell. Please, if you think of buying a puppy, think of Charlie B. Ask to see the parents of the puppies. Make sure the facility is clean, the dogs are well cared for. Fortunately, Charlie B is very friendly. Other dogs we have received lack any social skills whatsoever and are scared to death of the hand as it approaches. . We thank God for this caring couple that came along to give him the extra TLC he needs. We need MORE wonderful foster homes like this. .

Note 09-21-05 from Mindi -- Yesterday at the vet he told Steve Charlie weighed 10 pounds, tonight Steve actually saw the scale when they weighed him - 10.4 pounds! Woo hoo! A couple more pounds & we'll have to cut him back to 3 meals a day - he won't be liking that! LOL!

Update 09-21-05 late PM from Mindi-- We gave him some Benadryl tonight. He's sleeping at my feet (again) as I work. But he's snoring like crazy, so I think it's a bit of a Benadryl-induced sleep! As long as he's not scratching, I feel better!

Update 09-23-05 We forwarded a message from JoAnne, one of Charlie's Angels, to Mindi about a possible allergy to food. This is Mindi's response--- JoAnne & Judy - That certainly could be part of the problem. I'll have to check out the ingredients & check with the vet. He seems to be itching less with the Benadryl & the antibiotic - thank goodness. Thanks for the idea about the food, I'll have to do some research & see what I find out. I'll give him a hug from both of you!

Update 09-27-05 ----- Judy - Charlie is doing great. He is itching less & less. We put him on a sensitive skin formula dog food, we'll see what happens with that. The others are slowly but surely starting to accept him as one of the pack. Today he & Ruger were sitting out on the deck side by side. I made a noise with the chair though when I stood up to get the camera, so no picture, but it was a welcome sight! He's becoming more & more housebroken too. He still has accidents, but they're fewer & farther between. He got me twice today though, he piddled in my office & then pooped in the living room - right after we had been outside. His stool is just like the other dogs' now, I have to watch him to tell his from theirs. Hooray! Isn't it funny how dog poop can be so exciting? LOL! Anyway, that's it for now, things are settling into an even keel. Charlie isn't too fond of company, whenever we have company he hides in the kennel or under our bed - we'll work on that gradually. I've noticed that he seems to be afraid if you have a shoe in your hand. The other night I was taking off my shoes while talking to Steve & I was holding one when Charlie walked in the room, he took one look at the me with the shoe in my hand & made a beeline out of the room. Today I came into the office holding a pair of shoes & he went and hid under the desk. Makes me think he's had shoes thrown at him or something. Poor little guy. He still cowers when we pick him up, but he's getting better about that. Take care and God Bless!

Update 09-30-05 from Mindi -- Charlie is sure enjoying the T-shirts since the weather has been cooler, but he doesn't like to sleep in them at night. They're okay for a nap, but when I left it on him & put him in his kennel last night he threw a FIT! He whined & scratched at the blankets & banged his head on the side of the kennel. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what his problem was. Once we took the shirt off of him he curled right up & went to sleep. Little stinker! Buttercup is loving the pig's ear-like treats that you got them,Tami - she sleeps with them & acts like she's not going to eat it, but then all of a sudden it's gone. And Heaven help any other dog that goes near it before she eats it! Oh my, that's cause for a fight for sure!

Update 10-13-05 from Mindi - Judy, We're going to take Charlie up to the vet tonight. He's been coughing & wheezing quite a bit today & we just want to make sure it's not his heart. I'll let you know what we find out. He's been doing great - I hope this isn't a setback for him. 7 Bells Note: We called Mindi later tonight. Charlie B weighs 11.2 lbs. Doc said his lungs & heart are ok. No heart murmur was heard. He had quit coughing by the time they got to the hospital. They will be closely observing him for the next few days. If needed, an x-ray will be taken. Please cross the paws for Charlie B.

Update 10-14-05 from Mindi -- Here's the update I promised on Charlie. First of all, he's not coughing or wheezing as much today, but he's sneezing quite a bit. I think he must have gotten a cold, so thankfully it doesn't appear to be more than that. He goes back next week for his next mite shot & another dose of steroids for his ears. I can't believe what a difference that last injection made in his ear swelling. The swelling was down quite a bit & I was finally able to get a lot of stuff out of his ears. He literally had chunks of black stuff coming out of his ears. No wonder the poor little guy was shaking his head all the time! He's been busy this afternoon, dragging ALL the toys from one side of the living room to the other & occasionally taking some down the hall to his crate. I get the biggest kick out of him. He has to squeak it to make sure it works & if it does he takes it to add to his pile of toys. If it doesn't he put it in another corner. He definitely knows what he likes & what he doesn't! He gets a little upset when I don't put him in the bathroom with the other dogs when we go out, but Buttercup snapped at him the other day & I don't want a dog fight when I'm not home to break it up. Buttercup really has her nose out of joint that she's not the "baby" anymore, but the other two are making up to him much better. He & Ruger sit in the grass together & survey the backyard now. It's so cute. Charlie has definitely bonded with Steve more than me. I try, but once Steve comes home I don't exist unless I happen to have food - then I'm all right! He just loves to curl up in Steve's lap & sleep, he's so cute! Dr. Jesske thinks his skin is looking better. I'm not so sure about that, but I'm not the vet, so, who knows! He weighed 11.2 pounds when we were at the vet last night. Dr. J suggested we start feeding him only 3 meals a day now & see if we can't keep him right around this weight. He wasn't very happy about that last night. He knew about 10 o'clock that it was time for his last meal & when he didn't get it he stood out in the kitchen barking. He has a really deep bark, it sounds so funny coming from such a little guy. Steve put him in his crate when he went to bed - he wasn't too happy about that! Bedtime with no dinner! He about inhaled breakfast this morning - you would think that we didn't feed him at all! He absolutely LOVES the peanut butter treats that Tami sent him. I've been looking, but I haven't seen them anywhere, I'll have to do some concentrated searching this coming week and find him some more. The other dogs are so jealous that he gets the soft treats - not that they'd give up their other bones, etc. They're just like little kids, if they see Charlie is having something different than they are they have to pout when they don't get any. I think that's it for now. I know we talked more last night, but I can't think of anything else that he's been up to! I've got to go find some dinner for Steve before he starts barking too! LOL!

Update 10-20-05 from Mindi -- Charlie went back to the vet for another shot of prednisone last night. They're starting him on oral prednisone starting on Monday. We just can't seem to keep the inflammation gone in his ears and hopefully the prednisone will help. We're also thinking maybe once we have a couple good freezes & allergies are excluded as a possible source of his problem they could clear up. I know my allergies have been driving me crazy the past few weeks, so maybe that's part of the problem. Who knows? He's an enigma, my baby Charlie!

Update 10-27-05 from Mindi -- Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. So far so good with Charlie. He's still coughing a bit, but not as bad. He sees the dermatologist tomorrow morning, so I'll e-mail you with an update then. When he got his shot of steroids last week the vet put him on oral prednisone too, 2.5 mg twice a day to start & then tapering down. So far that's helped the swelling in his ears. I'm hoping that now that we've had some freezing nights that if allergies & the cause of his problem he'll be feeling better soon. I'm afraid by the time his ears heal he won't have any ears left! He's just the happiest little guy - he goes around the house piling all his toys up from one corner, to another corner, to another corner, then he takes a break & squeaks all of them & then starts all over with moving them around. He's quite a character. He loves to lay in bed with me at night before I go to sleep. He just cuddles right up & naps until bedtime. Heidi is quite jealous about this, because that was HER special time with mom, so now she goes under the covers & pouts! She gets to stay in bed all night though, so I think she still knows she's special. I think that's about it for now. I'll let you know what we hear at the dermatologist tomorrow. We're having Heidi's nose checked also, whatever is wrong with her nose is starting to affect her breathing. I hope we can do something for her. I'm more than a little worried about her. Note: Update later same day from Mindi- I think this dermatologist must be good. He's flying in from Arizona! I have to take Charlie B to another clinic to see him, but he must be good. We'll see how it goes. I had no idea this guy was from Arizona until his office just called for our vet's number so they could get the background info on Charlie & Heidi. Apparently he comes to Omaha once or twice a month to visit his patients here. Hopefully we can get a diagnosis and then our vets can take it from there. Charlie is turning into a little bit of a barker! I'm so glad he's finally getting into the swing of things around here! LOL! While I'm mixing his food up he stands at my feet & "talks" to me. Not really whining or barking, but more just a "hurry the heck up I'm hungry" kind of noise. It's so deep too, that never ceases to amaze me that such a little guy has such a deep voice! Kind of like Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys! LOL!

Update 10-28-05 from Mindi- Well, we're back from the vet, poorer but wiser! He seems to think that Charlie may have tick fever (Ehrlicia). He couldn't take a biopsy of the skin because Charlie's been on prednisone & that would change the results, but he did a blood test & 2 prescriptions for him. Hopefully we'll see some improvement. If it turns out not to be tick fever it's probably an autoimmune disease & they would take him off the steroids in order to do a biopsy & get an accurate result. He'll probably need cyclosporine, if that's the case. Today the doc put him on pentaxifyllin & medrol to replace the prednisone he's been on. Prednisone will cause fluid retention & isn't good for a dog with possible heart problems (although we still can't hear a murmur or any sign of CHF), & medrol doesn't. Hopefully, this will be the cure for Charlie! He's lost a little weight, he's down to 10.6, but we had cut out his 4th meal, which we'll be starting up again today! He's still happy & having a great time with the squeaky toys. He did express his displeasure at being at the vet's office however, by leaving a piddle & a HUGE poop! He's not afraid to express his opinion! LOL! So! We're feeling much better about things in general today! Just wanted to update you and let you know how things went!

Update 11-09-05 from Mindi Sorry I haven't checked in before now. My computer is on the fritz. Charlie does NOT have tick fever... So, he's taking Atopica now for an autoimmune disease & I'm actually seeing hair growing under his eyes & the scaly patches are peeling off his skin, so I think at long last (thank GOD!) we may really, really, for sure, be doing something that will work permanently! He goes back to the dermatologist on Dec 5, but I'm seeing improvement, so that's good. Charlie's meds. -- They're about $25.00 for 15 days' worth. He probably won't have to be on them for life, thank goodness. Once the skin is cleared up we should be able to wean him down to every other day, every third day, & hopefully, eventually off the Atopica. The initial vet bill at the dermatologist for Heidi & Charlie was $300.00, but we're going to do everything we can to help them both. I mean it though, if you can't afford it, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! Really, we'll take care of it. No matter what, these dogs are going to be healthy again if it kills me! LOL! Charlie & Heidi & the rest of the pack are all doing great. Charlie has taken to barking at Steve when his dinner is being fixed. We're feeding him the regular food, not grinding it up anymore, but we do soften his with water for a couple of minutes before we feed him. The whole time we're fixing the other dinners he's barking with that cute, low bark of his. I love him so much, he just such a sweetheart. Heidi's nose is looking a bit better. The dermatologist told us it could be 6 weeks before we see a definite improvement, but her nose is starting to look black again, so I'm glad about that!

Update 11-18-05 from Mindi- Charlie is doing well, growing hair under one eye and on his back legs a little. Mostly "peach fuzz" but I think the real thing will be there someday! More later, Mindi, Steve, Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup and last, but certainly not least, Charlie Brown!

Update 11-22-05 from Mindi-- We're doing fine, Charlie sees the dermatologist next week, so we'll see what he thinks. The little scamp has so much energy it's amazing! Last night he was chasing the other dogs around the upstairs. Buttercups wasn't going for it, she would just growl at him, but Heidi & Ruger were racing right along with him. It makes me so happy to see him act like the other dogs & tear around like the house was on fire. I had a Mary Kay open house this weekend and he stole the show! He did a little spokesdog work against puppy mills & for adopting special needs dogs, so that was great! . I'm so grateful to you & the opportunity we have to keep Charlie in our home, he's such a blessing - a great motivator too, to see how he can keep on thriving after all he's been through. Makes my aches & pains look pretty insignificant! Mindi and Steve Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, and Charlie Brown the Wonder Weiner

Update 11-30-05 from Mindi-- I just got off the phone after talking to Kate for about an hour! What a wonderful person she is! She's going to make Charlie a real Charlie Brown sweater in yellow with the black zig zag stripe around the bottom. I'm so excited. She's also going to make some sweaters for my other dogs & send some homemade dog treats. I really do have to get some Charlie's Angels certificates of some kind to send to the people who have been so wonderful to Charlie & my other furkids this year. Aren't dachshund lovers the best kind of people to know? He's growing some hair under his eyes, but the patches on his back are still bald. I wonder if he's ever going to have hair there again. br>He's quite the little devil, our Charlie. He went outside this morning & when he came up to be let in he had a "poopsicle" in his mouth. When I made him drop it he immediately ran back out in the yard to find another "treat". He wouldn't come in for anything, even when I showed him the treat jar. I finally had to go outside, in my bare feet and nightgown, in 17 degree weather to chase him down & bring him in. He was determined that these new frozen treats are the just the best thing to ever happen. So, hopefully this afternoon it will warm up a bit (above 20 would be nice) & then I'll go out and do a poop patrol and get rid of his treats. I'm sure he'll eventually forgive me. LOL! He's really enjoying the warmth of the wood stove at night now. He just comes downstairs with Steve & I (he finally mastered the "big" steps) & he just curls up in one lap or the other and take a long snooze. He's such a sweetheart. I had to laugh the other night though. Heidi had a toy that she was rolling all over & getting her scent on it while Charlie just sat & watched. When she happened to roll off the toy he ran over & snatched it and took it to his stash. Heidi jumped up & just looked at him as if to say, "What the ...." It was so funny, Steve & I were laughing like crazy. If one of the other dogs has a toy that he wants he just goes up & barks at them & they give it to him. Unbelieveable. The littlest guy here has turned into the alpha dog, much to Buttercup's dismay! Thanks for everything! I'll send pictures when we have the Charlie Brown sweater. I can't wait! Thanks again.

Note 12-08-05 We spoke with Mindi by phone last night to see how the visit with the specialist went. Mindi will send a detailed report later. Charlie B had a skin scraping done, has been put on a special rabbit & potato formula to help with allergies. There is definitely joy in this household.

12-08-05 Just got a message from Mindi, with a pic. of the sweater made by Kate & sent to Charlie B. Yellow with a black stripe, just like the cartoon Charlie Brown -- Now, the note from Mindi------- The sweater and treats arrived this afternoon! He looks darling in it! The treats are a big hit with the other kids - Charlie is on a rabbit & potato diet - I think I told you that, so no doggie treats for him. He is getting potato chips though, so who gets the raw end of the deal, really? LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kate! You truly are one of Charlie's angels!

Update 12-21-05 from Mindi-- Here are the Chrstmas pictures of our babies this year! I ran out of pictures & then I ran out of cards! We're all so grateful to you for all you've done for Charlie & the other kids. Charlie is doing great! He has decided that he likes to sleep by himself in the little bathroom, so we've moved his bed in there. I think it's because it's really warm in there, he likes that. His ears are looking great - I hate to jinx the good that's been done, it seems like every time I say he's doing well something else goes wrong, but the ears really are looking goo. As of today he has no scabs on his ears at all! Hallelujah! I'm hoping we can keep the vasculitis gone so we won't have to even consider the option of cropping his ears (as opposed to having them fall off a little chunk at a time - ugh. Anyway, I just wanted to share these pictures with you. I'm so grateful to Tami also for all the good things she's done for Charlie. I have to get a picture for her of him in his nest of toys in the living room. He's quite the character. Merry Christmas& God bless all of you for the wonderful, wonderful people you are. We're truly blessed to have known all of you.

Note 12-22-05 We usually post just updates from the foster family or an adoptive family. However, this update comes from Tami, who tells of the way this dog has touched her heart. Charlie is looking just wonderful. Amazing what time & love can do. I thank you greatly for giving him both. There is no gift in the world any greater to me than to see that little guy thriving. You just can not put such things in a box. Those things are called miracles, & he is. Charlie is a mill survivor. What we humans can learn from them. They live lives too horrible to imagine without even the basic needs of life met such as enough food & shelter, yet they bear no grudge & still have the ability to trust & love. Charlie is lucky that he made it out. We are all lucky that one lttle canine has touched so many hearts. My heart melted looking at one little photo of the wonder dog. I have contributed to many a dachshund in my life, but none have touched me as deeply as Charlie Brown. I am so very thankful that he will have a Christmas for the first time, & that he now knows what a full belly feels like while lying in a warm bed full of the toys he loves. Mostly, I thank you two great ladies for giving him that as well as everyone that cares about the little man. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Update 01-01-06 Just received this note from Mindi- (Not a great way to start the new year for Charlie Brown)-- We just got home from the vet - yes it is 2:30 in the morning. He hadn't been feeling very good today, he was kind of lethargic & Steve said he vomited this morning. I wasn't really concerned since all the other dogs have gone through a bout of loose stools in the past week. However... Tonight we had company, so Charlie was in the "little room" where we keep him so no one bothers him (since he's still pretty shy around company). When we went to check on him about 11 he had had a couple loose stools, but when we checked him a little after midnight he had had a GIANT totally liquid stool & there was blood in it. I immediately phoned the emergency vet (of course OUR vet doesn't work on New Year's Eve) & we had to take him in. Well, we spent almost $400 on blood work, IVs for hydration, medicine to calm his stomach & a shot for nauesa. His heart murmur was also back with a vengence tonight, but that could be because he is sick. I'll have to check with Dr. Jesske about that when they're open again. Charlie had to spent the night too, they're a little worried, as was I, about the blood in the stool. Keep the little guy in your prayers. I'l. update tomorrow. -- Mindi, Steve, Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, and Charlie Brown (one sick puppy)

7 Bells Note: Please pray for Charlie Brown & also for Mindi & Steve. They have done wonders for this little guy. He has been thriving under their care. Later update PM of 01-01-06 from Mindi- Well, he's home. Still not feeling up to par, but definitely much better than last night. Poor buddy, he was so thirsty he drank too much & vomited it right back up, but no diarrhea so far. Got that mess cleaned up & he's in the little room with his blankie. I'm trying to decide if I should wash all of his squeaky toys or not. I'm not sure that it wouldn't ruin the squeakers if water got in them & that would be a tragedy, in his eyes at least. I'm going to see if I can get him in to see our vet in the a.m. Will let you know more when I get back from there. Update 01-02-06 Mindi left a message on the answering machine Charlie is somewhat better, an intestinal bug, rather lethargic yet they are most hopeful. Thanks for those prayers by Charlie's Angels.

Note 01-02-06 PM from Mindi- Charlie is feeling much better tonight. He's still sleeping quite a bit, but when he's up the tail is going 100 miles an hour & he wants to EAT! Tonight he's back in his little room, but earlier tonight we took a nap together with him lying on my chest under a blanket, which is a big improvement for him, he's usually terrified of things covering him, he's not a burrower like the other kids. Steve said Charlie got down, ate dinner & then went back into the little room to sleep. Earlier this afternoon he carried 2 of his toys back with him, so I think he's feeling much better. God bless everyone who has taken the time to read his profile & say a little prayer for Charlie, I think he's going to be fine! Thank goodness, I think I'm dehydrated from crying so much the past few days!

01-03-06 Update from Mindi- Charlie Brown seems to be doing much better this morning. He's still sleeping a lot, but what dachshund doesn't sleep a lot? LOL. He's been eating about 2 tablespoons of the canned food the vet gave him every 3 hours or so & he hasn't had any vomiting. He finally had a stool that wasn't bloody last night, & it was partially formed, so I think we're on the road to recovery. I'm keeping him in the little room today while I work a bit & he gave me a dirty look when I put the baby gate in front of the door a while ago, so I think he's ready to come out & be master of his domain again. Maybe later this afternoon! Thanks to everyone for their prayers & good wishes!

Update 01-15-06 from Mindi- Nothing new to report for now, except the fact that he won't eat his dry kibble anymore. He was on a canned bland diet while he was recovering from his gastroenteritis & now that's all he wants! LOL! Luckily the rabbit and potato is available in a can, but it's a little bit spendy. We're treating him a couple of times a day, but the other times he's getting the kibble soaked in water until it's soft and then we add some chopped cooked potator. So far he's eating that, but if he try just soaking the dry kibble by itself he just turns up his nose & walks away. Little stinker! Not so long ago he ate anything & everything! Guess that's what happens when you spoil them, huh? LOL! He's outside right now, romping around with the others. It's supposed to be near 60 today, I don't know what happened to winter, but it seems to be taking a break from Nebraska this year. He's loving the sunshine! That's about it for now, I think. He's just loving & being loved, & that's just fine with me!

Brief Note 01-17-06 from Mindi- Charlie spent the whole night from 7 to 10 sleeping on my chest. I'm working on getting the weight back on him, he's so skinny again, even through he eats like a small horse (smile).

Update 02-02-06 from Mindi- I just wanted to let you know I took Charlie in today for a checkup. I just felt he wasn't gaining weight after this last bout of flu/pancreatitis. Guess what? I was right! He has actually lost a whole pound. Now for me that's nothing ;-) but for Charlie it's a tenth of his body weight. No wonder he was shivering all the time. Poor little guy. He was also losing the hair on his ears in clumps. :-(. Just when I think we're doing something right all, it just seems to go south on us... Anyway, Dr. Jesske (I love him, he's so WONDERFUL with Charlie) put him on Simplecef (the antibiotic) again & we're also going to start adding the pancrezyme again to see if we can't get him fattened up some more. He thinks the bacterial skin infection is back, hence the antibiotics. He said Charlie may well need to be on antibiotics on a continuing basis, which is fine, we just have to change antibiotics every so often so he doesn't become resistent to it. I'm cool with that. He's eating a can of food a day & we're mixing some dry in with it. He loves it! We love you & are grateful every day for the blessing you gave us when you let us foster this little guy. Mindi, Steve, "Chuck" And the other rugrats!

7 Bells Note: We ask for continued prayers for Charlie & for this great family caring for him. Please join with Charlie's Angels, say a little prayer for him and them!

Note from Mindi following all the prayers sent on behalf of Charlie Brown Please tell Carl & Kerri & everyone who has ever sent good thoughts & prayers for Charlie, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are so blessed to have Charlie's Angels praying for him. I know that's what keeps him going sometimes! We don't feel like we're doing anything special. We're just loving a little guy who has us wrapped around his little paw! All we do is what anyone should be doing to all of God's creatures. (except spiders - I still think we should smash the daylights out of them!) LOL! I have to be funny or I'll cry. I can't believe the generosity & love that comes to Charlie every day!. Thank all of YOU for that! Update 02-13-06 - Thanks for all those that still pray for Charlie Brown. As you read this, you will know that it was only prayers that saved Charlie B today! Now, the story as told by Mindi- CB gave us quite the scare today. I was working all afternoon & after I got done working I went to lay down on the couch. Charlie is usually napping in his room or behind the couch, so I didn't think too much when I didn't see him. Then I thought I heard him bark, but I couldn't find him. I tore this house apart, I looked in store rooms, closets, bathrooms, everywhere, & I couldn't find him anywhere. By this time I'm pretty frantic, I called Steve at work & asked him if he knew where Charlie was. He said he let him in after lunch & I told him he was not in the house anywhere. Steve got home in record time, but before he got here I went out back thinking Steve had forgot to let him in & he was stuck somewhere. No Charlie. Then I heard the other dogs barking at the gate so I went up there. Charlie was in the front yard! We don't have a fence in the front & we live on a pretty busy street. I couldn't believe it. The only thing we can think that might have happened is that Charlie snuck out between Steve's feet when he left for work. In that case, he had been outside for 3-1/2 hours! I felt so bad, I can't tell you, I was on the verge of tears. This has never, ever happened before. I'm so thankful that his guardian angels were hard at work keeping him close & away from the street. I had even gone out front & gotten the mail & hadn't seen him. I have no idea where he was for that length of time. He's so afraid of strangers that even though he had his collar on with our phone number & your phone number I doubt anyone could have gotten close enough to check his tags. He absolutely screams when someone he doesn't know tries to pick him up. That's it, when I work they're going to be in the office with me & I'm doing a nose count to make sure! I was so scared when I couldn't find him. I'm running around the house yelling, "Charlie want a treat?" because that would bring him out of a coma, I swear, & still no Charlie. I have a lot to be thankful for tonight! Mindi and the Renegade Charlie Brown

Note 02-22-06 from Mindi- Charlie is back on atopica, his ears have just ballooned up over the past couple of days, the vasculitis is back. Augh. Took Heidi to the vet today for a lump under her front leg, if the antibiotic he gave her doesn't work he'll have to operate late next week or early the week after. He said he removed a similar lesion from an older dog a week ago & it was cancer, we'lre hoping this is just a cyst. Prayers would be great. Thanks

03-01-06 Note from 7 Bells - We are posting a note from one of Charlie's Angels, Kerri, that shows how much this little guy & this special family caring of him has touched lives Judy, Have to tell Mindi & Steve that even though they think they are doing nothing out of the ordinary they are special people in little critters eyes. In my opinion God has a special place for them!! If only everybody could LOVE like they do! So often I see & hear of people bring little critters home with welcome arms & than after the new wears off they discover that just can't handle it anymore which if funny because they were able to handle it for the first couple of months. I really wish people would REALLY consider what they are doing before they go on a wimp and think "This will be so much fun!" I have also discovered through my own experience how each critter that has came into my life how they are loved differently one is not love more than the other JUST DIFFERENT LOVE FOR EACH which makes me reflect back to all those little ones that have came & went. AAAAAHHHHH even as a child we had rescued a duckling that got lost from his mom. The whole family was sitting outside by the fire pit only to discover a little duckling that wondered up to get warm I remember us caring for him & he slept in my mothers hutch which had a bottom light on it we cleared the bottom hutch of mom's precious belongings & made it duck proof so QUACKERS would have a safe & warm place to sleep. ANYWAY I could go on & on about all the little critters, but I must get back to work. GOD BLESS ALL & of course last but not least Little CB. Kerri

Wow, now a note from Tami, Charlie's Angel, also 03-01-06. She adopted a puppymill dog, so knows only too well what it takes to get them healthy- Thanks for forwarding the email about Charlie.I know that Mindi must get discouraged at times,although she is doing all possible for him.You can not undo years of neglect quickly,regardless of how much you love them.Were that possible,he would be the healthiest canine on earth!It is so wonderful how those two love that little guy! I remember when we first got Sara,it seemed that we lived at the vet for the longest time.Antibiotic after antibiotic,weekly enemas for weeks,one thing cleared up,another thing infected or more bleeding from her spay,or something else new, so here we went again,back to the vet.She did get as healthy as she can be,but I remember the long road to there so very well. Yes,in a perfect world there would be no Lil Hans,Hoppys,Saras or Charlie Browns,whom have their lives & health stolen away for the almighty dollar for the miller,when they should have had loving homes from the get-go.Although it absolutely infuriates me,I can not help but be thankful that they lived long enough to make it out.The past can not be undone,but luckily,they all have a future. Bless Mindi & Steve for Charlie Brown.Bless you for Lil Hans & Hoppy,and the numerous others that I do not know. I understand how this Kerri feels.Our canines are family,and we would no sooner get rid of one than we would each other.We commit for life to our canines and do not understand those that do not.They ARE our children and rely on us for their needs.They also give as much love as they get.Unconditional love...

I guess I should introduce the rest of the kids in my family. Ruger is in the red sweater, he's 6, Heidi is in the light blue sweater, she's 7, and Buttercup is in the purple sweater, she's 5. Looks like mom has her hands full, doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Me again! This time I'm in a sweater that Kate knitted for me. She's one of my Charlie's Angels who lives in Minnesota. She has Sasha and Roxy, so she knows all about how cold we get. Especially when you don't have any fur! Posted by Picasa

This is me and my dad in the denim jacket that Tami sent. I look so cool!  Posted by Picasa

This is me in the bed that Tami, one of my "Charlie's Angels" sent to me. I love this bed! Posted by Picasa

This is my grandma Sieborg holding me. I'm getting a little better looking, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

This is me when I first came to live with Mom and Dad. Pretty skinny huh? Posted by Picasa

A peom for Rescue Dogs

My grandma Judy sent this to mom. Even I liked it.

My Foster Dog
Author Unknown

My foster dog stinks to high heaven.
I don't know for sure what breed he is.
His eyes are blank and hard.
He won't let me pet him and growls when I reach for him.
He has ragged scars and crusty sores on his skin.
His nails are long and his teeth, which he showed me, are stained.
I sigh.
I drove two hours for this.

I carefully maneuver him so that I can stuff him in the crate.
Then I heft the crate and put it in the car.
I am going home with my new foster dog.
At home I leave him in the crate till all the other dogs are in the yard.
I get him out of the crate and ask him if he wants "outside."
As I lead him to the door he hikes his leg on the wall and shows me his stained teeth again.
When we come in, he goes to the crate because that's the only safe place he sees.
I offer him food but he won't eat it if I look at him, so I turn my back.
When I come back, the food is gone.
I ask again about "outside."
When we come back, I pat him before I let him in the crate,he jerks away and runs into the crate to show me his teeth.

The next day I decide I can't stand the stink any longer.
I lead him into the bath with cheese in my hands.
His fear of me is not quite overcome by his longing for the cheese.
And well he should fear me, for I will give him a bath.
After an attempt or two to bail out he is defeated and stands there.
I have bathed four legged bath squirters for more years than he has been alive.
His only defense was a show of his stained teeth, that did not hold up to a face full of water.
As I wash him, it is almost as if I wash not only the stink and dirt awaybut also some of the hardness.
His eyes look full of sadness now.
And he looks completely pitiful as only a soap-covered dog can.
I tell him that he will! feel better when he is cleaned.
After the soap, the towels are not too bad, so he lets me rub him dry.
I take him outside.
He runs for joy.
The joy of not being in the tub and the joy of being clean.
I, the bath giver, am allowed to share the joy.
He comes to me and lets me pet him.
One week later I have a vet bill.
His skin is healing.
He likes for me to pet him.
I think I know what color he will be when his hair grows in.
I have found out he is terrified of other dogs.
So I carefully introduce him to my mildest four legged brat.
It doesn't go well.

Two weeks later a new vet bill for an infection, that was missed on the first visit.
He plays with the other dogs.
Three weeks later his coat shines, he has gained weight.
He shows his clean teeth when his tongue lolls outafter he plays chase in the yard with the gang.
His eyes are soft and filled with life.
He loves hugs and likes to show off his tricks, if you have the cheese.
Someone called today and asked about him,they saw the picture I took the first week.
They asked about his personality, his history, his breed.
They asked if he was pretty.
I asked them lots of questions.
I checked up on them.
I prayed.
I said yes.

When they saw him the first time they said he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen.
Six months later, I got a call from his new family.
He is wonderful, smart, well behaved, and very loving.
How could someone not want him?
I told them I didn't know.
He is beautiful.
They all are.

My very own blog!

I'm so excited! Mom told me that my rescue grandma, Judy, had run out of space on for my profile, so she decided to help me set up my own blog! I'm so excited to share with you what's going on in my life. I think we might use some of grandma's stuff from Petfinder to tell my story up to this point and then I'll add stuff when mom is sleeping and I can get to the computer. She's such a computer hog!

Love Charlie aka Chuck