Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dog days of August

Hey, remember me? I can't believe this month has gone by so fast and I haven't had a chance to get to the computer. It was so hot this month, I spent a lot of time just laying around trying to get cool, so I haven't felt much like typing. :-) There really hasn't been too much going on either. Just eating, sleeping, and spending a little time outside. I've been feeling really, really tired lately too, so I've been sleeping a lot.

Life is about as good as it gets I think. Every night when mom has to go to work I go downstairs with dad and watch TV. He spends a lot of time with just me, petting me and putting lotion on my back. What else could a guy ask for? My back was getting pretty sore earlier this month so mom talked to Dr. Jesske and got some MORE pills for me to take. I really don't care though, if I'm really lucky dad gives them to me in a hot dog. If I'm not so lucky he gives them to me in a little chunk of my regular food, but either way I get to eat more, right? I also got a prescription for prednisone, so mom gets to take her medicine back. She doesn't really care though because her doctor said she doesnt have to take it for very much longer. Mom thinks maybe she'll lose weight if she doesn't take it anymore. I hope I don't lose any weight when I quit taking it, otherwise I'd blow away in a strong wind! A kite that pees mom says and then she laughs. Hmph. I don't think it's very funny.

My sister Buttercup is pretty sick tonight. Her neck is hurting her really bad. Mom was crying about it earlier, but dad says not to worry until they go to the vet tomorrow. I guess mom and dad had another fur baby, Schnapps, and he went to the Rainbow Bridge when his back started hurting him, so mom is really worried. I didn't know what to do to make her happy tonight. I peed in the hallway. That's didn't make her happy, but at least it took her mind off of Buttercup for a minute or two. Hey, give me some credit for trying! When mom was trying to get Buttercup to drink some water she took this thing called a heating pad off of Buttercup's back and put it on the floor, so, being the curious guy that I am I decided to lay down on it. Wowser! It was nice and warm! I wish I could have one of those things in my bed. Mom made me get off of it though so she could put it back on Buttercup. I hope she gets me one!

Next week is going to be special for me. I've been living with mom and dad for a whole year! Isn't that great? I can't believe it's been a whole year since Grandma Judy took me in and put me on Petfinder so mom and dad could find me. I've been so lucky! I can't decide what the best part is though, my own bed, ALL the toys, having good friends like Lucy in New York and her human Melissa; Sasha, Roxie and Cosmo in Minnesota and their human Kate; Grandma Judy; all my great friends in Missouri; my own toys; all the cool dogs on Lovedachs; my sisters and brother; my human sister and brother; good dog food; all the toys, my own blanket; applesauce; bananas; my furry cousins, Medusa and Shorty; all my toys; grandma and grandpa Sieborg; grandpa Art; all my toys; going outside and just laying in the sun; chasing the neighbor kids; Mr. Tucker my cat cousin... And did I mention ALL THE TOYS? I wonder if mom will bake me another cake? Ooooooo with ice cream. I love ice cream too...

Well, I think mom is up to check on Buttercup so I better sneak back to my OWN blanket and go back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Love ya! Chuck

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey, I'm Back

Well, really I didn't go anywhere, but I've been so busy (sleeping) that I haven't gotten around to using the computer. The weather here has been really, really hot. I don't want to go outside, but I don't want to get scolded for going potty on the carpet either, what's a dog to do? I spend most of the day laying on mom's lap while she watches TV or reads, which is fine with me, but the other guys get, you know, jealous or something. Heee hee.

My human brother Matt came over yesterday and I let him give me some banana. He doesn't live here with us and when I first met him he scared me a little. He's really, really tall, even when he stands by mom he's really, really tall, so he makes me feel very, very small. I wasn't sure I liked him for a while. Every time he would come over I wouldn't let him get close to mom, I would growl and show all of my teeth, but he would just laugh. He never hurt me so and today he gave me a whole banana (well, little pieces at a time) so I guess he's okay. I let him pet me today for a long time, but when he tried to pick me up I screamed for mom! I don't want to be that high in the air!

I haven't been to the vet in a long time! When mom told grandma that today she said, "Knock on wood". I'm not sure what that means, but maybe you better knock on some wood, just in case. A few weeks ago mom went to get me some food, but they didn't have the good soft stuff in the can, so she bought some of that dry stuff. Yuck. I wouldn't eat it. How can mom and dad expect me to eat the old dry stuff when I'm used to the good soft stuff. It smells so much better and the taste... Yum! After a couple days of me not eating very much (except for bananas and applesauce) mom and dad finally got the idea and went back to the vet and got me some REAL food. I guess they aren't trained as well as I thought, since it took them 2 whole days. I better work on that some more.

I have a couple more sores on my back, but dad is putting medicine on them every night. I don't like the stuff, it doesn't taste very good. The sores don't really hurt a lot, except when dad touches them so I cry and stuff and then he feels sorry for me. Sometimes I try to lick them when I think mom and dad aren't looking, but they always catch me. How do they do that? Mom always says, "Charlie stop licking yourself like that?" Well, geez, how am I supposed to lick myself anyway? I heard mom tell dad today that they were looking better and I haven't been licking, so maybe she knows what she's talking about...

All the other guys got their nails cut tonight. Haha! I only have 2 nails and they're short most of the time. Sometimes Dr. Jesske cuts them for me. It doesn't hurt, but you wouldn't know that the way the other dogs carry on. Mom has to hold them while dad cuts their nails and Ruger runs and hides as soon as they get done. Even I'm not that big of a baby. Mom said one time Heidi had her nails cut at Dr. Jesske's office and she cried and screamed so loud they had to come get mom to hold her. What a BABY! I guess that's a girl for you.

Well, I think maybe it's going to rain because it started to thunder a little while ago. I hope it rains, we haven't had any good mud or stinky things to roll in for awhile and rain always helps that. Maybe it won't be so hot outside either. I can't even lay down outside by mom's chair because it's too hot. I don't like it when it's like this. It burns my feet on the cement.

Well, I better go. Thank you to all my friends who read my blog. I didn't forget about you, I've just been a lazy dog. I love you!