Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My pictures

I put some new pictures up from my birthday. I really had a lot of fun. I found a new good thing - strawberry ice cream! Wow! Where have they been hiding that all my life? Mom didn't let me have very much, but it was the best thing I ever ate. She won't let me have any more though, even though it didn't make me itch or anything. Oh well. Grandma and Grandpa came over again and all the people got to eat cake with their ice cream. Doesn't seem fair to me that I didn't even get a piece of my own cake. Does that seem fair to you? Humph. Mom baked a cake especially for me. I put a picture of it down below. Mom thought it didn't look very good, but I thought it was great - it was my very own doghouse! I liked it. Mom is taking a cake decorating class, so I think we're probably going to have lots of cake around the house. I bet I won't get any either. I think mom was going to e-mail our friend Kate in Minnesota to get some good recipes for dog treats. Maybe she'll have something that I can eat too. I remember at Christmas she made some very good peanut butter things, but I don't think I can eat them now.

It's been really nice here, mom had the windows open and I was outside a lot. Then it rained and I didn't like that so much. Now it's hot again and the windows aren't open. I don't like that as much, there's nothing to smell but old inside smells. You don't know how boring it is to be a dog and live inside the house! Mom's glad when I don't like to go out very much, she doesn't want to have to take a bird away from me. All the baby birds are gone now, so mostly I just bark at the ones that come to eat the food that dad puts out for them. Silly things. Dad puts all the bird food in a nice place for them to eat it and they sit in it and flap their wings and get it all over the deck. It doesn't even taste that good. I like to try and eat the corn that mom puts out for the squirrels, but it's hard and I can't chew it. Mom says I'm not supposed to eat it anyway and always takes it away from me.

I still have a sore on my back. You can see it in the picture of dad and me. It just won't go away. Dad puts some medicine on it every night and mom keeps putting lotion on my back, but it's still kind of dry and itchy. I love it when people rub my back - it feels so good! I like the lotion too 'cept it makes me smell like mom! Maybe she can find some lotion that smells like dad. I'm no sissy.

Well, enjoy my pictures. I'll be back with more adventures when I can.


It was my birthday and I got to eat some strawberry ice cream. Ummmmm, it was better than rabbit! Posted by Picasa

This is one of my new toys that Grandma and Grandpa got me. It's a squeaky monkey and I love it! I have it next to the piano right now. My favorite hiding place.  Posted by Picasa

Here's a picture of the cake mom baked for me, it's it cool? I didn't get any though. I tried... Posted by Picasa

Here's a picture of me and dad watching a scary movie. Heid was asleep on the bed, silly girl.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm having a birthday party

I'm so excited! My mom is baking a cake and everything! I don't think I get any of the cake, but I bet I get some kind of other treat! Maybe a whole baked potato. Maybe some more of my rabbit and potato! WOW! I'm so excited.

My real birthday was July 5, but mom had a cake decorating class that night, so we had to wait until tonight, but my grandma and grandpa Sieborg came over and gave me presents anyway. I got a whole bag of potatoes (yum) and a squeaky monkey. I love my monkey. Heidi tried to take it away from me, but I growled really loud at her and she ran away and let me have it. Smart girl, that sister of mine! I'm sure mom will have some more pictures of me tomorrow, so I'll be sure and put them here on my blog.

It's sure been noisy around here! Mom said it was the 4th of July, all I know about that is it's the day before my birthday. Maybe they were making all that noise for ME. If they were, I hope mom tells them I didn't like it, so they don't do it again. I stayed in the basement with dad and watched movies, it was scary going outside. Heidi didn't like the noise either, she hid under a blanket by mom, but silly Buttercup would bark and bark at the noise. Every time there was a big BOOM Buttercup would start barking. Mom said she didn't know which was worse. I don't know if Ruger was scared or not, he was under the sofa like he always is. I don't think he's scared all the time. Well, I don't know, he's kind of a chicken, maybe he is... It doesn't matter I'm brave enough for both of us.

Well, I better go stand around the kitchen while mom frosts my cake. You never know when she's going to drop something good.