Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Charlie

I just wanted to let you know I havent' forgotten about you little guy. I"m sure you're just fine,but wanted to let you know you're missed. I hope you're thinking about last year, your birthday cake and the yummy srawberry ice cream and remembering how much we loved you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

For the Love of Charlie

Since we lost Charlie we've gone on to adopt 2 more foster dogs from 7 Bells Sanctuary in Missouri. Ben and Jojo came to live with us in January and we love them so much! Please take the time to visit your local shelter or sanctuary and give a dog a second chance to have a good life! I love the sign at our local shelter, it says something to the effect of, "Can't decide between the lab, the sheltie and the boxer? Take them all!" They bring so much joy to our lives, I don't know what I would do without all my babies. We have Charlie to thank for all the blessings that have come into our lives since we got him. We still miss him every day, and his ashes sit on the piano as a constant reminder of our little guy. I still shed tears over our loss, but I've been so blessed to have had him in my life.

Here are a couple pictures of the new guys...

This is Jojo. His name is really Johan, but that's such a mouthful and so solemn for such a happy guy. He's 11 (give or take) and if I wanted to, I'd rename him Velcro. He never leaves my side! He loves Charlie's old bed and lays in it all night while I'm working.

This is Ben. He loves his Bobo! He's a very active 10 year old who loves to run and play outside! He's so funny, I love to hold him in my lap because he mumbles constantly. He's so happy to have a home of his own. He used to live with an older man and when he passed away they found Ben sitting on his lap. I'm sure he misses his old friend, but we're sure glad he's here!
This will probably be the last post on Charlie's blog. His story is over. But we've started a new blog for all the fur kids in our family. You can check it out at We'll see you there!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I can certainly say I hope that 2007 is better for 2006! We got Charlie's ashes back from the vet on Friday, as promised. I was surprised it was done on time because of the holidays. It was like reopening a wound. I think if I put all the skin and hair he lost over the past months in a box it would be bigger than the one his ashes are in. So tiny. So sad. I just can't get over how quiet the house is. Charlie had a very distinctive, deep bark, different from the other 3, and I miss it so much. He would bark whenever it was time to be fed - and he was fed 4 times a day, so we heard a lot of barking! He'd also bark to be let in when he was done outside. I've called for him to come twice this week when I let the others in before I remembered he wasn't there. Steve says he doesn't want to get another dog right away, he thinks 3 is enough for now. I don't think you can ever have too many dachshunds. He may feed them, but I'm the one who spends most of the time with them!

I hope all of our dachsie friends have a very happy and prosperous 2007!

Mindi and Steve
Heidi, Ruger, Buttercup, and Charlie Brown - Angel Dog