Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer, finally summer!

So, I see my mom's been posting on my blog, huh? Well! She has one of her own, she should leave mine alone! She's right though, I've been having so much fun that I just don't even think about getting on the 'puter and updating this blog. It's so nice out! When I go outside I don't want to come back in, our yard is so big, I just walk and walk and walk, and sometimes I take naps by a tree or in the garden. Mom says the plants are hostas. I don't care what they're called, it's nice and cool under their leaves. A guy could lay out there forever!

We haven't had too much excitement around here. Mom and dad are talking about getting a wood floor in the living room. Mom said she's tired of the way the living room smells. Something about an outhouse? Are all houses outside? I don't get it. But I have a feeling it won't be as much fun to make a mess if there's no carpet! Dad won't have to get that big noisy machine out of the garage either, you know, the one that makes the carpet all wet and icky to lay on. It takes all the good doggie smells away too... Maybe that's what they want!? That's kind of funny.

I've been spending evenings laying in the big bed in Mom and Dad's room. It's very comfortable and I sleep really good there. I wish they would let me sleep there all night, but dad says nothin' doing! I guess I peed in their bed a long time ago and he's not going to give me the chance to do that again. It was so long ago I hardly remember, I think it was right after I came to live here. Geez, I wish they'd give me some credit. I have learned SOMETHING since I've been here. Gosh.

Meghan (my human sister) has been hanging around a lot. I guess she's living back in Nebraska now. She did live in some place called Iowa. I think maybe I was there once in the car, but I'm not sure. Meghan had a thing called a graduation a few weeks ago. She was all done with one college and now she's going to another one. Sounds like a lot of work if you ask me. I guess she doesn't know that if you just look really really cute people will want to take you home and feed you and give you a soft bed. Humans can be so dense at times.

I hear mom, better get off the computer! Later friends!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Note from Charlie's Mom

Don't worry! Everything is fine, I'm not posting because Charlie can't get to the computer! LOL Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone what a great spring Charlie is having - aside from being scared to death by the baby gate.

He's been outside a LOT and he's loving every minute of it! I could cry when I think that up until Grandma got him last year in August (?) that he probably had spent very little time, if at all, out of his cell. Yesterday he was in the backyard for about 3 hours! I kept going out to check on him and he was just wandering around the yard and occasionally napping under the tree. I'll have to get some pictures later today if I have time.

On Friday last week he made his first kill! Granted it was a baby bird, but he hunted it down. While I'm not an advocate of killing baby birds, I have to think that this was the first time he's ever done anything remotely like this - he's really turning into a mighty hunter!

As for his everyday life, his ears are looking great! The sore above his leg on his back is getting better and he seems to have a lot more energy and is more playful than he ever has been. Guess he has spring fever too! He still loves his applesauce and his meals 4 times a day of rabbit and potato with a little extra baked potato thrown in for good measure. No hair is growing back anywhere, but we love him more every day - little half-naked doxie man!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Wow, I got the crap scared out of me tonight. Mom was working and dad aws in bed, it was dark outside and I needed to go out. Dad put down some paper for me in my room, but heck, who wants to go on the paper? I found a towel in the corner of the room and decided to go there. Much nicer - for me anyway. Well, I bumped the gate that's in the doorway and it fell over with a CRASH! It scared me so bad I'm glad I just went to the bathroom or I'm sure I would have had to go again. I scurried right down the hall tothe bedroom 'cause mom's office door was shut. I wanted dad to pick me up, but he was sleeping! What's a scared guy to do!? Luckily mom heard the gate fall, so she came looking for me. I was shaking like crazy. I haven't been this scared since I came to live here.

Mom found me in the bedroom and decided that as long as I was up I better go outside... Ha ha! Beat you to THAT mom! Snicker... Anyway when I came back in, I sure wasn't going anywhere near that gate again, huh uh! NO way! I hid behind the ottoman in the living room. Mom went all over the house looking for me - tee hee, I was hiding good. Finally dad got up and came looking for me too. He found me though. I was too scared to even eat my applesauce in the kitchen, I kept going back behind the ottoman, so dad finally put me in my room. Dad put the gate up again, before he went to bed. I think I'll either stay in bed from now on during the night or else be sure to use my papers if I really have to go. I don't need to be that scared again!

I got to go see Dr. Jesske again on Sunday. The infection in my leg isn't getting any better. It hurts and I lick and lick it until mom got worried again. (Gosh, doesn't she have anything else to do besides take me to the vet? It would be fine with me if we could skip going there for a little while!) Dr. Jesske was pretty nice, but he squeezed my back again and it still hurts. Mom learned that when she tried to put some medicine on it the other night and I snapped at her. I think she's still amazed! I wouldn't have really bit her, but it made her jump! I'm still giggling over that. Anyway, I got another prescription. Mom said something about spending as much on my prescriptions as on hers. Wow, I didn't know she took as much medicine as me. Anyway, I hope it feels better pretty soon. It's kind of hot and itchy sometimes, and I don't like the hot washcloth mom puts on it. It makes me crabby and want to run and hide. What a guy has to go through, let me tell you!

Monday, May 08, 2006

If it's not one end, it's the other.

I had to go to the vet on Saturday and Dr. Jesske wasn't there! It was traumatic, let me tell you! I have a sore on my back, kind of at the top of my back leg. It's been hurting for awhile, but I guess mom thought I had arthritis or something like that. I didn't know what it was, all I knew was that it hurt whenever anybody touched me there. Last week I got a sore there and then the sore got bigger and pretty soon there was another one. Mom freaked out. Told dad maybe I had a "staff" infection or something, so she had to take me to the vet "right away" - like she couldn't wait for Dr. Jesske to work again? Geez.

Anyway, Dr. Matt was nice, but he squeezed my let where it hurt and that hurt really bad, but he said some stuff called pus came out of it, so I have an infection. Again. So now I'm taking medicine for that. Again. Mom says she spends as much money on me as she did Meg and Matt (her human kids). Really, I think she's exaggerating... I have to say it doesn't hurt quite as bad anymore. Mom and dad have been putting ointment on it too, so that helps. I don't feel like biting it anymore, so it must be getting better. I sure do love mom and dad. They had something called an anniversary yesterday, they've been living together and married (what's the difference to a dog?) for 18 years! That's a long, long time. I can't even imagine how long that is. I wish I would have known about this anniversary thing, I would have gotten them a card. Nobody tells you anything when you're a dog! Sheesh!