Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hey! Have you Missed Me?

Mom has a job now where she's gone ALL day and I have to stay in the little room with the other kids. I don't like it one bit, but she says it won't be forever and pretty soon she'll be back home with us during the day. Nothing happens during the day when you have to stay in one little room. Do you know how BORED a guy can get with nothing to do? So far I haven't caused any trouble, but I bet I could if I wanted to!

Mom and dad think I have pemphigus (I don't know if I'm spelling that right or not), so I take prednisone all the time and I also take Imuran. Aunt Missy and her friend Brad think my hair is growing back in on my sides and on my head, but mom's not so sure. Maybe it is. I know my back feels better, the skin isn't so thick and icky. Mom puts lotion on it every night and it sure feels good when she rubs it in, I wiggle and wiggle and wiggle... Last night she put her pajamas on early and went to bed to watch TV and I got to lay in bed with her under a blanket for a long time. It was so nice. I was kind of mad at dad when he put me in my bed, but I have my heating pad to keep me warm, so it was okay. I guess. It's really cold outside. At least none of that wet white stuff is here yet, but it's been wet and cold sometimes and I don't like that. Dad has to carry me outside after dinner because I run for my bed. He says I have to poop after dinner. How does he know when I have to poop?

Tonight all kinds of weird things are coming to our door and ringing the doorbell. Dad gives them candy to make them go away. The other kids are barking and barking, but I think I'll just stay in my bed and hope the monsters don't find me here.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My dad is the best

Maybe dad finally figured out what was wrong with my back. He thinks I might have something called pemphigus, which is actually and autoimmune disease and is a side-effect of my heart medication (ACE inhibitor). He talked to Dr. J and I'm taking prednisone all the time now and mom and dad think my back is looking better. I don't have any more open sores and it feels good again when dad rubs my back, instead of hurting. My fur isn't growing back, which I'm kind of sad about because that means I still have to wear those darm sweaters, but if I don't have any more sores that's okay with me!

Dad tried to find another heart medicine for me to take, but ACE inhibitors seem to be what I need and we can't find a substitute, so Dr. J cut my dose down to 1/2 a pill once a day. My heart seems to be doing okay with that, so maybe between cutting back the heart medicine and taking the prednisone my back will get totally better. Mom and dad are pretty happy.

It was really cold last week and dad took old the old soft stuff off the living room floor and some guys came in and put in a new floor in our living room. It's like the floor in the kitchen. Mom called them "wood floors". I called them stinky floors last week. Peeeeee Uuuuuuuuuu. It sure smelled bad in here. Mom says it smells better than the old carpet, I guess that was the soft stuff. I have to admit I may have been responsible for that soft stuff smelling bad. Sometimes I guy just has to go and can't quite make it outside, ya know? Mom has to find me a nice soft blankie or something to put in my corner again. It's not quite the same as it was. I haven't even moved my toys back there as a protest about the hard floor.

I'm still loving the heating pad Grandma Judy sent me. Mom has it on low and I sleep on a nice warm blanket in my bed. Better than the hard cold floor any day!

It was raining a lot too in the past couple of weeks, so being the mighty hunter I am, I was catching little snakes that were in the yard and all over the driveway. Dad laughed and said they weren't little snakes, they were only worms. Oh, well. I was having fun hunting them down anyway. Friday I got another bird too. All dad found was the wing and a bunch of feathers. Ha ha! I am a mighty hunter!