Monday, November 20, 2006

Naked Dog

I think I'm still losing my hair. Mom and dad were watching a movie with grandma last night and mom was taking dead skin of my back (I know it sounds gross, but it feels so GOOD). All of a sudden a big piece came off and it had hair on it. Mom cried. Jeez mom, it's MY hair! How do you think I feel? I think it's going to be a really cold winter - being naked and all...

I haven't been to see the vet in a long time. Mom says that too, but then she says, "knock on wood". I have no idea what that has to do with anything, but I am glad I haven't had to go to the doctor. Dad was cutting Heidi's toenails Friday night and he made her scream and cry and her toenail was bleeding all over mom's leg. Cool huh? Mom didn't think so I guess, but Heidi got held and petted, and held and petted. It was sickening I tell you, sickening! I wouldn't be such a big baby about such a stupid thing. It's a TOENAIL Heidi, get over it. Geez what a girl she is... (Heidi, not mom.) I saw mom cut her leg in that big bathtub thing once and she didn't cry. She said those words that she doesn't say all the time and she yelled when she said them, but she didn't cry. Mom is NOT a baby.

Dad was gone for a long time last weekend. I guess it was only 4 days mom said, but that doesn't mean much to me. Anyway, when he came home he smelled so great! I just smelled and smelled all the stuff on his pants and boots. Then mom made him take a bath. She said he stunk up the place. I thought he smelled great. I guess he went out with his big gun and shot at some deer and that's why he smelled so good. Or maybe it was 'cause he didn't have a bath for a couple days. Mom made him though. She obviously doesn't know what a GOOD smell is!

I think tonight I'm going to get a bath. I'm not looking foward to it, but mom says I could knock a buzzard off the north end of a southbound donkey and I guess that's a bad thing. I've been trying not to eat so much poop lately, dad's been picking it up and throwing it over the fence so I can't reach it. Not very nice of him, is it? I'll forgive him though, because he got me more rabbit meat dog food. For a while they were buying other food for me. The gravy was nice, but it made me itch, so I got my old food back. Now I don't itch anymore. Guess I'll forgive him for throwing the poop away.

Dad got me some new toys the other day too. He says he got them for all of us, but I know he says that just because he doesn't want the other dogs to know how special I am. It must be hard to be them and never get any new toys. Mom found my favorite peanut treats at the store too. She says if I have to be bald I might as well have my favorite treats. I don't know if that's an even trade - hair for peanut treats, but I'll take them anyway.

Uh oh, dad's home. I gotta get off the computer. Love you all!



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Anonymous said...

Charlie..I miss you..How are you doing..Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Charlie get on the computer..I want to hear how you are doing..